Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's go on dates. Lots of them.

We were posting in our forums about dating and how much it sucks sometimes, but we still want to go on dates for some reason. Then we passed around our online dating profiles until someone said, “Why don’t we start a blog?”

As a self-proclaimed blogging addict, I took this message as a sign. A sign that said, “Clover, go out and create a blog about the dating experiences of you and your friends. Build it and they will come.” Dates? Blog readers? I wasn’t sure, but if James Earl Jones says jump, you say how high, and here this thing is.

To quote from the sidebar:

We are a small group of women from all different cities who met on a crafting community and decided that not only did we need to go on dates, but we needed to document them as well. So we decided to start this blog to share our adventures.

We don’t know how many dates we’re actually going to go on and if any of them are going to be successful. But this way, if a date turns out horribly wrong, at least it’s good blog fodder.

The dating begins in January. 2010 will be The Year of Lots of Dates.

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