Saturday, April 17, 2010

First post AND first online date

Ok so, a little background: I'm a 30 year old woman who recently ended a 2 year LDR with my late husband's best friend. Most of my previous dating experience predates test messaging, Twitter and Facebook and was usually with people who still lived with their parents. I decided I need to actually DATE and be single for awhile. I joined OKCupid about a week ago to meet some guys and have some fun.

So far, I turned off the IM within a day or two because it was just distracting, ignored a few guys, messaged a few guys and actually went out with one and need to make plans with another. I'm not much of a drinker (and have this stated on my profile) so my date (let's call him Jargon) and I talked about playing minigolf. When I texted him to see when he wanted to meet up, he called me to say he was getting food with some friends right next to the minigolf place and did I want to hang out that night. I agreed and met him and one of his friends at the restaurant/bar. We're all in different aspects of marketing, so we had some great conversation about work and the industry in general. Jargon is really fond of some of the latest buzzwords and is all about Twitter and Social Media and Community Building. Jargon and his friend have both drinking for a few hours before I got there it seems.

After Jargon's friend leaves, Jargon tries to be flirty with me--hold my hand, put his arm around me, etc. I tell him I'm really not ready for anything and he says he's not looking for anything either. I have to explain that I mean I'm not ready for anything physical. Meanwhile, Jargon has been drinking this whole time so is somewhat tipsy by this point. When I express my views on drinking and socializing, he tells me how great drinking and getting high is and how he wishes more people would get high more often! Not really the kind of person I want to hang with or was looking for on OKCupid. Lesson learned: match % is only accurate when people answer the profile questions (honestly).


  1. Ugh, that guy sounds awful! I bet you'll learn how to filter 'em out though :)

  2. Ugh. Jargon sucked!

    I turned the IM off too after a few days. It's annoying and it was usually someone who lived WAY far away from me.

    Also, IM'ing a stranger almost feels like an awkward first "date." And it's hard to convey humor via text.