Monday, March 29, 2010

I've taken the plunge.

Here's my story: 4 months ago, my boyfriend of 5 years broke it off. I've been getting used to living alone again (the first time in 10 years!) and reconnecting with old friends. I've also been working far too much, and finding myself needing some new social outlets. I've already had a couple crushes- both are totally unattainable dudes who I've known for a long time and admire a lot. One lives across the country, and the other would break a lot of social boundaries (bros before hos, etc). At the prompting of friends and after reading all of the other date-a-longers adventures, I signed up on OKCupid.

I find OKCupid to be a strange thing- more or less shopping for people- but entertaining as well. After a couple one liner messages from clueless dudes, I've gotten a couple decent messages as well.

I've already got my first date lined up- he seemed to be OKCupid stalking me, then finally sent a message. We have a lot in common (same industry for work); he comes off as a little juvenile and cocky, but he's a chef- I think it's to be expected. We exchanged a couple messages and have chatted on the IM feature on OKCupid. We're going to pub trivia for our date. I think its a great idea for a first date - its a bar we're both familiar with, and we'll have an activity and something to talk about if we get lost for conversation. I'm not convinced I'll like this guy that much, but I've got to get out of the gate at some point, right?

So now we come down to the important part: what to wear. Notes- I'm coming straight from work, and this is at a pub where jeans and tees are the norm. Luckily its okay for me to wear jeans at work. Onward with the outfits!

#1- casual jeans and awesome red sweater

#2- a little dressier jeans and red and black blouse

#3- everyone loves the 80's jeans and sweater

It will be raining for days, so rain boots are a likely option for shoes.

Wish me luck - it's been practically 5 1/2 years since I've been on a date. I'm a little nervous!


  1. Good luck!

    I like outfit 3 the best, I think. But also love top #2!

    I'm also impressed at how quickly you've managed to snag a date!

  2. I like outfit #2. Don't puke!

  3. I like outfits #2 and #3. The boy votes for #2 (in case you care for a male perspective). Good luck!!!