Sunday, March 28, 2010

Single again!

So! Update: no more Lady E, Cookies or other random people. I am single. And now I want to be single actually. Cookies and I broke up whatever we had this Tuesday and have not heard from him since except the odd text. I'm halfways relieved, halfways melancholic. I think it is good though, we were probably not the best match ever (the sex wasn't even that good) I will miss his sweet sweet body though. That's about it. That and (sometimes) feeling like a trophy-girlfriend. I kind of liked that part actually.

I met someone nice this weekend, stayed the night even (no sex though, just saying) :) And it was just super duper nice to be with someone who is
a) really feminist. And actually understands this thing about social structures and what not.
b) is really left-wing.
c) made me breakfast with coffee and everything.
d) actually made plans with me for meeting up again.
I.e. was behaving like a decent normal person.

I doubt that this will make it into dating. But I have to say this: it was good to get some perspective.

I found a note that I had written about a year ago, after the breakup with Fireboy:

It is ok to be alone too.

And that kind of says it all. It is ok to be alone too. And it really is. I do want someone longterm, but I think it is time to take a break from all the dating, relax, enjoy some "me-time" too. It has been cool though to find out that yes. I am actually attractive. Yes I can go to dates and get asked out again. It is not always me who has to do all the work. And you know what? That is freaking rad!


  1. When you stayed the night did you sleep in the same bed? And if so, was it at all awkward?

  2. It was the same bed, and not really awkward either. It would have been way more awkward to either go home, or to stay in a separate bed I think.