Monday, March 15, 2010

A modern girl?

My mom called me "a very modern girl" the other day, in reference to my very hectic dating schedule, and I kind of have to agree. I think/hope that when/if I find someone I really like, one person will be enough for me. After all, this is getting exhausting. Mom also, whisperingly asked "so, uh, I hope you're protecting yourself" Yes Mom, I am. I'm protecting myself, and no I don't sleep with all of them. Hardly any of them actually, and then only very seldomly.

Anyways, here is this week's schedule:
Monday: shopping with Cookies. Still haven't really decided on him. I really like him and the kissing is great but once we get into bed... bleh. I'm just too observing and so is he. Not that good a match. Still not willing to completely give up though since I actually am starting to like him. He's very refreshing! Don't always know what's going on in his head though, very seldomly know. I hardly think he knows to be quite honest! I tried to add him as a boyfriend on FB but he refused whereupon I upped my dating game again after a couple of slow weeks! And then today (i.e. Monday) he asked me if I was his girlfriend "no dude after you said no I said I'd wait another month again, you can't just always have it your way!" Also I found out he's been seeing another girl (I ran into them this Friday. And she's fucking awesome! I call her Lady E. I kind of think she and Cookies would make a far better couple than me and Cookies, but apparently he doesn't agree. Well that's what he's saying to me, but what should he say y'know?)
Tuesday: Cookies again, we're going to " a couples dinner" Scary stuff but should be fun! With some of his friends.
Wednesday: datefree night!
Thursday: going to a concert with PhD, should be fun! I LOVE the band!!! So if nothing else, that is going to be awesome! I've been out with him two times before. He's super cool, but I don't know if the chemistry is there, or if he's just another shy PhD student... The kino this far has been... non-existent. Not a good sign in my book, but on the other hand he's hilarious, cute and intelligent.
Friday: going on a date with Lady E, before we meet up with Cookies. Cookies does not know about this yet. Don't know if I'll tell him either. Should be fun. I hope we don't get stuck on the "so we've both been going out with Cookies for a while now.."-topic. Last time we met we talked about lego, nintendo and the joys of going to gay bars...
Saturday: this far free, but I'm hoping for Mystery. Mystery is a guy I met this weekend. And I kind of asked his friend for his number. Now I don't know his friend either but found her on FB after a bit of stalking. I have no idea how to phrase my text though "hello Mystery... I want to go out. No I'm not a crazy stalker" is as far as I thought. Which is not an excellent text. At all. It makes me sound deranged and stalker-ish. Which I'm not!
Sunday: this far free

This all started out as a way to get me out the door and into the dating world but I think it is getting out of hand. I think that I'll not meet up with anyone new in a while actually, just sort these ones out... And then maybe be by myself for a while. This excercise has taught me that there are a lot of super cool people out there in the world. And that I'm fucking awesome and can get a lot of dates; sometimes I do the asking, sometimes they do the asking. It feels great being asked out! If you meet someone that person doesn't have to be The One, it is indeed ok to just move on to the next one if the chemistry isn't right after a couple of dates. Don't rule people out too quickly. Oh, and even if someone is way better looking than you, you can still be out of their league!

All in all: fun times to be had!

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