Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lala's a creepster.

So I'm back on OKC after the whole lame Falafel boy thing. Last weekend, I was sick, so I messaged people all day long. Which turned out to be kind of silly because I did not have the time to respond to everyone throughout the week, and the responses were overwhelming.

There's a guy, we'll call him PDX. He's new to the area too, but in his profile, he talks about digging the local music scene. It was kind of hard to tell if he had any interest in me, but we exchanged messages about where we get our info from and stuff. And that was it.

Anyway, I went out to an album drop on Friday, by myself (though I knew a couple people there), and recognized him. I had already had a handful of beers so I approached him. We danced together, then hit up another bar after the first one closed, then I kissed him! But I was drunk! And all the details are foggy! But he was too, so I don't feel like the awkward, drunk girl who doesn't remember anything. Well, I mean, I am that girl, but at least he's that guy too.

So we messaged back and forth a bit on OKC yesterday and decided to try a do-over, one that won't start out as drunkfest.


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