Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, Internet, I have a minor dilemma. If you will remember from the monster post of a few days ago, I had a marathon date on Sunday with the ESL instructor and we agreed to hang out again as soon as my houseguests of this week went home. There have been a few texts exchanged in the interim (she sent a picture of a dog at the park with a cute note), and plans were made for Sunday.

Then yesterday, a girl I had been messaging with a little bit (and who I thought seemed really rad) invited me to go to a show at my favorite venue in the city. So we ended up hanging out last night and it was...awesome. We have a ton of things in common, from specific interests to general outlook on life. She is really hot in a totally nerdy kind of way and seems grounded and compassionate and spontaneous and quirky. She is pretty much the exact kind of person I want to date, and she said she wants to hang out again. She's going out of town for a week (which is why the last-minute plans last night) but we have plans to take a walk next week.

So, what should I do? Would it be disingenuous to go out with the ESL instructor on Sunday if I know I'm kind of smitten with the new girl? If there were no new girl, I think I'd be really excited about Sunday, but now I'm worried that I'll make things awkward. But if I do go on Sunday (which I feel like is the only polite thing to do) and I feel weird about it, what do I say? Ohhhh, I hate hurting people's feelings.


  1. I honestly know how you are feeling but there's no need to rush into a decision to exclusively date either at this point. That could be down the line at the third date.

    I say honor your plans with the ESL instructor and just go with the mindset that you are out to have fun with someone who's company you enjoy. AND have a second date with the hottie to confirm your feelings.

  2. First impressions are sometimes just that - first impressions! Go on the date, enjoy the hell out of it, and don't feel bad that you have another date lined up later on. It is the very beginning stages of something that could really be something, or nothing at all you know? So go, have fun, don't overthink it!