Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upcoming dates (wherein I SQUEEEE)

Tuesday: Nada - gotta work overtime.

Wednesday: Peter (herein known as The Guy). This date will likely completely kick off our poly relationship since there's been clarification on both sides. We're so into each other that I feel like a horny, giddy teenager. I absolutely cannot promise to keep my clothes on. SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Thursday: I've been "promised" a date by the mysterious Mr. M. Although this has the most potential to be a FWB situation, I absolutely promise to keep my clothes on.

Friday: Oh book group with middle-aged women, why must you consume my evening?

Saturday: First date with the poly F. (his preferred nickname). He's taking me (although I will bring cash) to a really nice restaurant. I've already bought two dresses, two pairs of shoes, and a new clutch in preparation and will book appointments for a hair cut/color, mani/pedi, and brow wax. I know that I'm fabulous as I am but there's also a way I want to look going into this date: self-assured, well-dressed, and sophisticated. All the better to make him melt. Based on our correspondence so far, SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sunday: Peter again if I can swing it but I think I may need to start paying attention to my non-date extracurriculars.

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  1. Haha, too funny! "I need to start paying attention to my non-dating cirrucular" :) Should probably be doing the same...