Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Into the Dating Desert

I went into this project presuming that I'd find no one to date in Southern California and instead was bombarded with date requests (not all desireable but date requests none the less). I dreamed of moving north to Seattle where my bohemian personality and Rubenesque body would be more appreciated and geeks would swan at my feet.

Given that I just accepted a great job offer in Seattle and will be moving in a month, I switched my OKC profile to list my hometown as Seattle. "Bring on the dates!" I thought gleefully and...

Nada. Not a single message, wink, IM, nothing.

Being one not content to let the world bypass her, I boldly messaged a few people that looked interesting.

One response.

Is everyone so coupled up in Seattle that some fresh blood is unnecessary? C'mon people, date me!!


  1. Yea, world, date her! We want more blog posts ;)

    What kind of messages are you sending? I've found that, for some reason, if I send a normal message that's like "I read your profile and I really like that you do x y & z, my name is blablabla," fewer people respond than when I just send a question about something specific in their profile. Not sure why that is. But keep trying, sometimes it takes a little while to stumble upon good people.

  2. I do try to be pretty specific and especially ask about something towards the end of their profile to sort of "prove" that I've read all the way through.

    It just may be that OKC is not the way for me to go in Seattle.

  3. Have you thought about the Stranger personals? I read it online and sometimes wander onto the personals for a peek and the people on there seem really cool...maybe they're the reason Seattle OKC is so empty...