Friday, February 12, 2010

New planned date with.. dumdumdum... Farce

So, I've been having some e-mail contact with this guy who I will call Farce. Because he's in a student's farce. Which is fun! He seems super nice, friendly, a bit geeky. I've seen pictures and he's cute! Now as to what I hope will happen on the date kind of depends on what happens in the next paragraph... BUT! In any case, Farce asked me out to eat "semlor", which I adore so I'll go for that for sure.

Oh and of course you're just dying to know what's going on with Cookies. Right? Right! So we've been in contact every now and then, and met up a couple of times more. He's super sweet actually, kind of hyper, I never get bored in his company, that's for sure! He's brought up the whole "so, are we a couple now?" question and I just avoided it... It is just all so sudden and intense so I think there's no need in rushing things, you know? And I kind of don't know how trustworthy he is. To be fair, he's always showed up when he said he would, driven me to school and the like in the mornings, taken me out to dinner (which I never go to normally) and all of those things. But he's just so different from all the people I know! Which doesn't need to be a bad thing. Ah I digress! The plan for Valentines is to build some things, and to watch a horror movie. So much fun! :)

And I haven't heard back from Waterplant Dude in ages. We exchanged texts and e-mails just after the date, but now haven't heard anything in more than a week. Hm.. I think I'll e-mail him to see how he's doing. He's fun, I liked him, though he was a bit boring in comparison. Though, when I really think about it, in the long run, that is probably a good thing.

So on the one end we have Farce and Waterplan Dude, who both are the kind of guy I normally go out with, and on the other side of the spectrum we have Cookies who is nothing of the kind. Only time will tell who wins in the long run! :)


  1. Wait wait wait, last time we heard about Cookie-man, we weren't sure you'd ever hear from him again, and now he wants to know if you're a couple? I think I missed a part of this play! Also, other than being super-hot and not boring, how is mr.cookies different from all the other dudes? And what are the regular dudes like, other than not hyper and, apparently, not super-hot? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Long story short: he was very "oh I'm totally looking for a serious relationship, blablabla, let's hang out all the time, blablabla, you're amazing" and so on and so forth. So we met mre or less every day over the past 2 weeks or so.

    Met up the other day too, got super duper annoyed with each other. He randomly happened to say "oh who's that messaging me, maybe my FB-friend..." when I was there. And then showed me what she wrote. I.e. very jackass behaviour. So I went home and said I was angry with him, explained why, and then he asked me if I wanted to meet up that night. Uhhh no. Maybe later this week, we'll see. I think he's super used to people
    a) thinking he's super hot and putting a lot of his self esteem in that too.
    b) dating really stupid people who are also
    c) really easy to manipulate
    we were watching a series and he constantly explained to me what was going on. Not much to say except "uuh I know. I just saw it happen.." :)

    He is entertaining though!
    Different because he says random things, has led a really interesting life, from other social class, has other priorities. So: interesting in the short run, but in the long run we would probably get really annoyed with each other!