Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second date with cookies

Was fun! And somewhat... weird. First of all he got delayed an hour, which was fine because I was at home in any case so I just watched 500 days of Summer which was actually a quite good movie! Anyways, we had some dinner and then just went driving around in town and chatted for an hour or so in a parking place. We were going to go playing snooker but all the places were either closed or filled with people, so what can you do, right. It was... strange. One of the stranger dates I've been on. It was nice, but I also kind of told him that he really should go seek professional help since his self esteem is totally shot. For some reason he thinks of himself as fat and ugly which is, uh, just not true. Come on, with 8% body fat you're clearly not fat. And ugly, well, he works as a model/dancer so obviously he's not ugly either. Which of course has nothing to do with the self-image you have.

Before the date we kind of had a constant contact going on which was nice, afterwards we haven't had much contact. Which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I said "uh... you don't have to constantly compliment me, you know that right?"

Oh well, now I kind of miss the attention :) And we haven't had the "so when shall we meet up next time" discussion, so maybe he doesn't want to have a next time. Which is ok I guess, but it has sure been interesting meeting someone who is just so, so different!

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