Friday, February 12, 2010

Everyone Loves a Drunk Post, Right?

Alright, I just got in from hanging out with Falafel. I believe I posted about the last time we hung out: we met out in MY town, got drunk, glimmer of disappointment when I said I was leaving, me just wanting to be friends, etc.

Well, it's been two weeks since then, and in that time, I have listened to music he's given me, chatted with him online, and had TWO dreams about making out with him.


He is in town this weekend and. We made out. Just kissed.


This is weird.


  1. Yesss! This is my drunk comment on your drunk post. I'm too lazy/drunk to post about movie-boy right now, but I will comment with abandon! Way to make your make-out dreams come true! Literally.

  2. How was the kissing? Was it awesome?