Monday, January 4, 2010

1 down, 9 to go!

The Setting: A local diner for snacks/beer, and a nearby lounge.
The Boy: will henceforth be referred to as The Astrophysicist.

Astrophysicist and I met and messaged a few times over OKC, but he returned home over his break from school and I didn't hear from him much. So I was pleasantly surprised the other day to get an email saying he was back in town and we should hang out. I demanded that we go to a famous diner called The Penguin so I could introduce him to fried pickles. (Never had them? Give them a shot.) He was excited because he had heard of it, but never been.

We met up after I got off work, around 8. I think there was a little awkwardness at first, on both our parts, but after the pickles and beer arrived, I'd say we hit it off nicely. Both of us ordered entrees but not much eating got done, we were talking so much. We are both self-admitted nerds, although in different areas, and I felt very relaxed being my dorky self around him.

As cheesy as it sounds to say, I really did not notice time passing, but before I knew it, it was 12:30. The diner wasn't closed, but it was emptying out and we both agreed they seemed to be turning the heat down little by little in order to freeze us out. So we left and took a short, freezing walk to a nearby music and tapas lounge because I knew they stayed open late. The conversation kept up and again, before I knew it, the lights were turned up and there were only employees left besides us. 

We have already been emailing today, mostly YouTube clips of comedians referenced last night, but a second date is in the works!

Date #1: Success!



  1. I could've sworn I commented on this before but it hasn't shown up, so...

    Yay for success! Is he really an astrophysicist?

  2. He's in school to become a mechanical engineer, but he does have a huge interest in astrophysics. And I made a movie reference about an Astrophysicist so it fits him, in my head.

  3. I love fried pickles!

    Congrats on a succesful date!

  4. Yey for a successful date! Now I'm going to have to try fried pickles...

  5. Yay! This sounds like a really good date, I love it when you get that click with someone that you barely notice you've been talking for hours. Even better if you can nerd out with each other.