Monday, January 25, 2010

Clover's Date #5 - Incredibly Hot

Brown Eyes or "BE" made up for bailing on me last weekend by being completely awesome this weekend. We spent the day walking around a section of town I particularly like and enjoying the unseasonably good weather. We had dinner and enjoyed some people watching. BE is great to talk to and seems genuinely interested in what I have to say. (Which is better than I can say for myself. I think my life is pretty damn uninteresting.)

Then we went to my place. We fooled around on the computer for a while and then fooled around not on the computer. Have I mentioned how incredibly hot he is? He's incredibly hot.

After, uh, that, we decided we want to continue this, but we decided we're going to tell each other if we sleep with other people. We've both been adamant through this whole thing that neither of us wants a Super Serious Relationship.

But I'm new to the whole "open relationship" thing. I might be going on a date with someone new this Friday. Am I supposed to tell BE about the date? Or only say something if I sleep with him? Or am I supposed to say something if I want to sleep with him?

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