Friday, January 29, 2010

January 27: Zzzzzzzz Date

Met Steve from OKC for coffee - my chai was the best thing about it.

He messaged me through OKC and we had like 3 weeks of email correspondence before he could even agree to meet with me during which time he developing an even deeper "crush" on me despite me saying "um, let's meet and SEE IF WE HAVE ANY CHEMISTRY"

Dude looks old and gray (skin and hair) and smells because he's got a cold sweat going just talking to me. One of the first things he asks me is "how tall are you?" because in heels, I'm a fraction taller.

The date was boring so I don't need to bore you as well. We talked about math, his computer graphics, his family (he's married and looking for a woman with his wife's permission), and well, him. Why do guys do that?

Best part of the date was that it was over within 1.5 hours and only cost me $4.

But a pat on the back for eloquent because when he emailed me the next day, I was able to firmly say "I'm not the girl for you".

Overall Score: D (the chai was good)

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  1. Hahaha!! Sorry it was boring, but your writeup is hilarious. ;)