Sunday, January 3, 2010

Foxy's Lunchdate

Tomorrow I have a lunchdate with a man who henceforth be known as The Scientist. We've been talking for a couple of weeks through OKC and had a couple of lengthy IM conversations culminating in me asking him to go for a drink. He agreed and then went and broke his arm. Thankfully this was not an elaborate ruse to get out of a date with me but the result of a rather perilous slip on the ice. Now he's not on tonnes of painkillers, he felt fit enough to face the world again and also me.
We're going for lunch tomorrow at the arthouse cinema in the citycentre. It's good food, not too casual and not too fancy and hopefully we should be able to continue the good conversations we've been having online. I'm a little nervous but at least I won't have to have the worry of not recognising him in person. He's the tall guy with his whole arm in a cast!


  1. You'd better hope there isn't another tall guy with his arm in the cast there! That would be hilarious though.

  2. Haha, that would be a rather awkward start to a first date! "Sorry, he was tall, had a cast and bought me a pizza so I thought he was you!"