Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheat Date

I started the DateAlong early because I am impatient and once I've talked to a guy for a little while I like to meet up with him fairly soon to stop any sort of false intimacy developing (this happened once, it was deeply awkward). So I actually had date 1 in December, before Christmas. He is a PhD student from a town about 25 miles away. And I'm going to call him PhD Cutie.

He'd shown up on OKC via the QuickMatch and we'd both rated each other highly. I sent him a silly message about it and he replied. His reply made me a bit less keen. To be frank, he sounded like a bit of a tool and a couple of bits of his profile made me think "tool" as well. But not everybody comes off well on the internet (one of my best male friends has an OKC profile which makes him sound like a total douche) so I carried on writing and he wrote back and we got into banter. We chatted a bit via IM and got on pretty well. We made plans to meet up in the new year and exchanged numbers. At a drunken party, I was bemoaning my lack of dates and texted him to meet up early. And he agreed! We talked a bit more via IM and it seemed better to meet sooner rather than later

We met for coffee in the city and then sort of gently wandered around looking at Christmas lights and the festive markets before stopping for tea and cakes. Having met at 1pm, it suddenly was 7pm and as he had to get the train back and the weather was pretty awful, we decided to call it a day.

Yes, there was a definite spark with this guy. He definitely has a killer smile and he is super intelligent as well (top three turn ons for CraftyFox : Killer smile, intelligence, good arms) and we had a rather passionate kiss whilst waiting in the cold for the tram.

I should also confess to a second date with him. Again, sparky Let's Screw vibes were in abundance.

The moral of the story, tool-ishness might just be the fact they're quite shy nice guys who are even more anxious about online dating than you.


  1. Rawr.

    That's all I have to say.

  2. I guess that's the equivalent to shy girls coming off as bitchy or stuck-up. I've been accused of that.

  3. That's a super good point to remember - men are nervous too!!