Friday, January 8, 2010


Date #1 didn't show up. I waited a good chunk of time. It seemed like this was a big stretch for him, I think all the way around--blind date, downtown bookstore, all of it. Can I still count that?

There was a really cute at the bookstore though. I need to figure out how to talk to guys in person.


  1. I've never actually experienced a no-show, but I don't think anyone who pulls one on someone is deserving of a second chance. I think it should count as one of your dates--you put yourself out there!

    But the tea guy from your last post sounds potentially very awesome.

  2. He was there, I've found out, he just never went where he was supposed to. We had planned to meet in the cookbook aisle at the bookstore. All I knew about him is that he's 5'7" and has braids. Now, in Austin there are guys of all races who wears braids. He assumed that I would know he's black and so would be looking for a black man. I am doing my best to not make assmptions about anyone, I spent 25 minutes in the cookbook aisle waiting for any man with braids. He, I guess, figured that he stuck out enough in the store that I would find him no matter where he was and he never actually went down the cookbook aisle. He loitered in some neighboring sections, but not the one we had agreed to meet in.

  3. Well that's just plain idiotic on his part!

  4. Aw. silly!!

    I need to figure out how to talk to guys in person too!