Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clover's Date #2 - Wowed Over Brunch

This date was actually on Sunday but I chose to wait to write about it, which is probably a good thing given recent turn of events. The man will henceforth be known as "Brown Eyes" because I'm feeling uncreative, was exceedingly attractive despite having more facial hair than I'd usually like. I was also given the full chivalrosity* treatment, which was nice for a change, and he seemed genuinely intersted in my life. Bonus points: he's taller than I am.

He actually tells me slightly over halfway though the date that he wants to see me again. I'm agreeing in my head but I give a nonchalant ambivalent sort of response. Later I'm thinking this maybe wasn't the best idea since I tend to be very stoic and hard to read and the poor guy may have not been able to tell that I was actually having a very good time.

So later when he texts me I respond saying that I had a great time and definitely want to see him again and I end up inviting him to this house party. He says he's up for it, and I'd been feeling a bit meh about the party but thinking I should go anyway to meet people, so at this point I'm looking forward to it more.

Then of course it's after I tell the host that I'm bringing a date for the party that Brown Eyes tells me he actually has prior commitments he completely forgot about. He asks if I want to hang out Saturday despite the hangover I'm sure to have.

Now despite having to tell the host that I'm no longer bringing a date to the party (ugh, embarrassing!) I have another date with someone I actually like. I call that successful.

*I like to make up words.

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