Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Luckiest Fellas

Days and times are yet to be confirmed, but here is the cast of characters at whom I will be throwing myself* this week:
1)** "R." Graphic designer, 34, likes comics. Has glasses. Appears to be enamored of Pink Floyd. Has already sent me more than one youtube clip of "The Wall." Can this marriage be saved?
2) "E." Dullsville. I can't even remember anything about him. But he mentioned wanting to try a bar of which I am quite fond, so, why not. Seems nice. And the bar is only like three blocks from my house. Is holding a guitar in one of his pictures.
3) "S." 29, law student at popular local university. Enjoys talking about R. Kelly with me. Tipped me off to Michael Jordan's twitter feed, for which he deserves at least a high five if not downright props. Has already informed me that he will be drinking tea, not coffee, on our coffee date. Is it true that a rebel will only break your heart??

Supporting Players:
4) Gym Guy. Okay, so OKCupid has this feature where you can see who looks at your profile, and there is this one fella who has looked at mine, like, twenty times. Seems cute, but no contact has been made. So the other day I'm at the gym and I see this guy I always think looks familiar, but I can't place him, and he always seems to be kind of looking at me too, and then it hits me: THAT could be HIM. I mean, between the profile photos and the physical person of Gym Guy, we are dealing with two rather nondescript tall bearded men here, but there is definitely a resemblance. And maybe he is trying to figure out if the girl in the profile is also Gym Girl. (Though that should not take more than a couple of seconds, as I have visible tattoos.) So this raises a whole new question about this online shizz. What is the proper comportment when one thinks one recognizes someone from an internet dating site? If one has viewed their profile and thinks one (the other one) seems nice? Should I write him and say hi, and not mention the gym, nor the fact that I am the girl on the elliptical trainer with the unbrushed ponytail who always ends up soaked sternum to bellybutton in her own sweat? I don't see who could be not drawn in by the allure of that.
Also, I recognized one of my coworkers in a thumbnail on OKC and like a dumbass, I clicked on his profile. I was halfway through it when I realized he was being informed, possibly at that moment, that I was checking him out. (Note that I am decidedly NOT interested in this person.) Sure enough, a few days later, he showed up on my list of visitors. Awkwarrrd.
5) Party Boy. Friend of a friend who I met at a party last week. We were ships passing in the night, me being about to sail my ship back home just as he was arriving, but our brief funny chat must have impressed him because he sent me a facebook message the next day. He's read my comics! Anyway, we have chatted a bit since then, and I have sorta thought about asking him to hang out...... Interesting factoid, he has the exact same rather unusual name as "S."
6) FOTM aka Dog Drama. See previous week's post. I was just cut off about halfway through breaking things off with him because, no kidding, facebook chat gave out. So he texted me and asked if we could talk more later in the week. I texted back and said that was fine. What? Have a phone conversation? Get outta town!!
7) Work Guy Number 2. This guy actually is very funny and sweet and seems into me, in that he is always blushing and making googly eyes at me and then looking away quickly and giggling. This has been going on for months. (We don't work together all the time, so, it's been on and off for months.) He makes me laugh a lot. However, not only do we work together, I am sometimes kind of his supervisor. Ah. Yeah, maybe not.

Wish me luck, datealong gang!!

**Note: I feel it is an intrinsic mistake to assign a nickname to a boy before you have seen him in person. What if Karate Guy and you are out to dinner and it turns out he doesn't know how to use a fork? His name will have to be Fork Guy. You just can't know this shit about a person.


  1. Also, people who I have accidently clicked on on OKCupid:

    best friend of crappy ex-boyfriend
    ex-fiance of fellow local internet friend


  2. I have the stalker settings turned off (I can live with not seeing who views me and I don't like people seeing that I'm viewing them). But I've quickmatched with two friends of mine, even worse, a former coworker who is really creepy. He left the company on really bad terms and I'm pretty sure he's a pathological liar because he said a lot of stuff that didn't add up.

    What's really creepy is that we have a really high match percentage.

    Does "R" have stuff about 420 listed on his profile?

  3. ew, I had a coworker on okc (back when I was on there). I often was matched to him so I can only assume he was matched to me. We never spoke of it in person. It's so awkward! I would be tempted to smile and bat eye lashes at the gym guy in person to see if he will either talk to you in person or message you.

  4. Michael Jordan FTW. Or perhaps MJ/Tta guy FTW. With a little chocolate factory thrown in.