Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clover's Date #4 - Where SHE Becomes the Date from Hell

I went on a date this evening even though I didn't want to. I should've known it was a waste when the bartender carded me and I didn't have my ID. 75% of why I went was to drink alcohol. 25% was because Agnes "datethisbitch" wrote "the whole point is to not put too many eggs in one basket" in her post.

The guy was less attractive than his OKC photos suggested and it was apparent with the awkward pauses in the conversation that it just wasn't happening.

Also, I broke The One Cardinal Sin of Dating. Yes, ladies and gents, I checked my blackberry. Obsessively. I then apologized profusely and tried to explain the work-related emergency I was dealing with. What's an "emergency" in my line of work is not actually an emergency to well, anyone else in the world, so that made it difficult.

It was barely a half hour after meeting that my date said he had to leave and jetted out of the bar. I don't blame him really.

But all is not lost because Brown Eyes (or as my roommate calls him "your new hot guy") wants to see me on Sunday. Hopefully there will be lots more yummy kissing.


  1. At least you went and now you know! Otherwise, you'd always be wondering.

  2. I say, good for you for going! Sometimes these things have a way of working themselves out- he obviously wasn't the one for you. But you got some practice in at least. And Yay for Brown Eyes!