Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Old Friend in Town (or First Date Practice)

This past week, I read on facebook that a guy who went to my high school was in my town. I live in a fairly touristy/seasonal kind of area, so I commented on his status, inquiring what he was doing here. He responded, and suggested that we meet up for Happy Hour that night. This guy is more of an acquaintance, like, I knew who he was, but he only went to my high school for two years and was a year older than me. So I was nervous, but I don't have any friends here, so who am I to be turning down offers. Even though our meeting had no romantic undertones, I figured it was good practice for first date kind of situations.

And it was! He was just recently laid off, so he's here for a month visiting his mom. But there are some opportunities here that he's looking into and is now considering making the move. He paid for drinks, and then introduced me to the owner of a shop across the street that very well may lead to a great (SEWING!) opportunity for me.

I hope we'll meet up again, not because I like him, but it's just nice to have a friend with a little bit of history.

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