Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little bit more crafty than foxy

So, hi. I'm Steph, I'm 29 and in 22 days time it will be exactly one year since I broke up with my long term partner of almost 10 years. I started dating again in the May and since I have kissed some men, quite a lot of frogs and realised I am about 67% clueless about dating. That is a whole other blog though which may never be written. The majority of my friends in this fair city, both male and female, are either coupled up or happy singletons and none of them seemed to have anymore of a clue than I did anyway and thus are useless to either hook me up or to do the "eeekk, I have a date what should I wear" thing.

So I too am embarking on the date along project. As a hapless hopeless romantic with the biggest cynical side you ever saw, I need the help of these fine ladies to give me a kick up the arse and stop me getting too carried away or from being a total grump.

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