Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is not only an update on my datealong progress, but, I hope, an illustration of how flippin' ridiculous my love life can get. I just want to give y'all a little taste. So, flavor of the moment and I were supposed to hang out after work the other night. On the train ride from work to where we live, he told me he had to go home for a few minutes before we went out because he had to talk to his roommate. I'm all, "okay," and in my head I'm thinking "yeah right, we are not going out tonight." So I went home, ate dinner, and went over to a friend's house. Sure enough, at 10:30 (two and a half hours after we left work), I get a text saying he is having "dog drama" and he does not know what time it will "be over."

This started a lively discussion between my friend and I on what "dog drama" could possibly mean. (Note: FOTM does not have a dog.) Could he have found a dog outside that was having drama? Could "Dog Drama" be the slick new AMC series from the creators of our favorite, Mad Men? Was the SPCA involved? Did he mean "bitch?" Was dog drama easily resolvable? Or was it likely to drag on for days? Around 12:30 I got a long, apologetic voice mail explaining that he was asked to take care of a dying dog and would call me the next day.

Today, my friend Kiwi Sam and I discussed and we sussed out the meaning of FOTM's unusual taxonomy:

does your dog have drama, sam? ;)


dog drama = balls deep in ex's ass

last time i checked



yes, i believe so


i might have to have some dog drama when i get back


hell yeah, i want some damn dog drama

i mean, the inverse of it



Had a couple of OKC responses, still trying to hammer out actual dates. Arf, arf, arooooo.


  1. So I went to Urban Dictionary to look up dog drama and found nothing. Hopefully it does not mean he's having to deal with ex issues. Those are never good particularly when the person dealing with ex issues is someone you're trying to date.

  2. Haha, no, I'm pretty sure what actually happened is he got back together with his ex, which maybe warrants an addition to Urban Dictionary? (a la Beef Shower)

  3. Thusly: "having dog drama"= you have resumed fucking your ex.