Sunday, January 31, 2010

An extremely spontaneous first date!

So, I'm officially on the dating bandwagon. Meaning I will go out with most people asking me (I would have said any, but... that's just not gonna happen!) And I ask a lot of people out. It is fun. This way you meet people you would never, ever, meet otherwise.

Take for example the date of yesterday. Let's call him Cookies. Now Cookies very spontaneously asked me over the chat if I would go out dancing with him, that very same night, i.e. about

Plus: fucking hot! Seriously. One of the hottest guys I've ever seen. Ever. Dude has tattoos and piercings everywhere. Omnomnom!
Works as a body builder and model - tall, gorgeous body.
I have never met anyone ever that has as much in common as me pop-reference-wise; books, music, movies, you name it! Several times we made the same reference (me:"look at that guys pants!" him: " Yeah like Olivia Newton John in Grease. They probably had to sew him in too". Which was what I was going to say!
Is awesome at compliments!
Brings out the fun giggly girl inside of me whilst still allowing for the rather sharp-tongued one.
Excellent kisser (ahem), good chemistry!
Send super sweet messages
At times would just stop talking and look at me in an enamored way and when prompted why he fell silent would answer "nothing. I'm just surprised at how much we have in common. This is a bit uncanny" Sweet!
Doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs. Smokes every once in a while but is willing (i.e. spontaneously said) to not do so as long as I'm around.
Is really not a boring person! Big plus compared to the earlier ones I've been out with lately!

Minus: bad, bad history. As in: been in jail and used to sell drugs for a living. This disturbs me a lot.
Has a dog (I have a cat. Not good match)
He just got out of a rather serious relationsship. I don't want to be Rebound Girl! We'll see how it all pans out. Oh, and the ex is a stripper.
He's a body builder, meaning he eats no carbs. Oh life without carbs! I could not do that. And I coulnd't cook for dude either as I'm rather bad at not eating carbs.

I think I'll just wait and see if he gets in contact again. If he does, and wants to go out, I'll probably agree to it! Since, omg he is super hot! And actually the first in this date-a-long that I've wanted to see for a second date.


  1. This is the first time a post in the blog has made me say this but I really want to see a photo of this guy!

  2. I'll send you a link at some other forum than this, can't just show him around on the interwebs... :)