Monday, January 4, 2010

Lala's okc date #1 - The Lowdown

So... there was no chemistry. Just thought I'd put that out in the open so you're not all dying of suspense while I tell the story.

We ended up meeting at Ceviche, a tapas place, because the other spot wasn't open for lunch on Sundays. Conversation flowed easily, likely because we've spent the last almost-month getting to know each other. He paid the bill, though I did attempt to pay my half. After lunch, we walked a few blocks down to see the bay (Hillsborough, not Tampa - there are a lot of bays in the area, I guess?) and then briskly walked right back. The temperature actually only made it to the mid-40s, and it was cloudy and gross. I read recently that the temps haven't been this low in Florida for the last 9 years or so.

After that, we went to the Florida Aquarium, where we saw tons of fun stuff, including a two-day-old baby sting ray. I took a lot of pics, not of the baby sting ray, but of other fun stuff.

After leaving the aquarium, we walked a bit to Stump's Supper Club for some beers. It was there that I noticed how loud and geeky he sounded. I'm not saying he is a geek, I'm just saying, he spoke very loudly and geek-like, that's all. We had two beers each, and then discussed what should happen next. He suggested renting a movie, I suggested going to another public spot. So we hopped back in his car and went to Four Green Fields, an authentic Irish pub in his neighborhood. Lucky for us, every first Sunday of the month, they have an open jam where a large group of people play traditional Irish music. It was awesome. And I kept saying how awesome it was and how much I loved it. Definitely the highlight.

So while I'll probably keep chatting with him, I'm definitely not interested in advancing the relationship. It's a bit of a relief that we live an hour away from each other, because I feel less pressure to go on a second date with him. In none of our conversations have we ever mentioned dating or romance or anything, so I don't have to break it to him that I'm not interested in him romantically or anything, right?

I thought I might be stumped after this, wondering who my next person of interest might be, but while The Professor was in the bathroom, I checked my email to see that someone I responded to on Craigslist almost two weeks ago finally responded back to me. He's local, and the subject line in his post was something along the lines of "Beards, tattoos, and music," and yeah, I like those things too. So, maybe he's next up!


  1. For a date on which you were not feeling a lot of sparkle, you sure made it a long one!

    That's a good thing.

    I almost made a whole separate post since it was brought up elsewhere, but decided to just put this here. People can still read it. Second dates when you're not feeling anything special... Obviously, if the guy doesn't ask, no problem. What if the guy asks? I said in response to Cloudy that she should go, it's good practice. Someone else commented about not leading the guy on. I don't think it's leading a guy on to go on a second date even if you're only feeling a friend thing. Well, if he's espousing love for you then it would be. But if he were espousing love after one date, he's got other issues. Attraction can grow. We don't always see a real person the first time we meet them. Maybe a second date won't change that, but I think that it certainly can't be bad to give it another go.

  2. Oh gods, I have way too many pseudonyms I can't keep track of them!