Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 21 - The Sushi/Sex Date

I will be the first to admit that I have amazingly terrible boundaries (as in, occasionally none) combined with a high sex drive. Which has sure has made life interesting!

Morning of the date with Robert, we started texting at 5:46 am up until I heaved myself out of bed at 7. We kept texting all day (yes, I totally text at work... blog too) and the convo got... sexual. Mind you, I hadn't even met this guy yet but I've seen pictures of his penis. (See above disclaimer about boundaries). So needless to say, my engine was running a little before I met him. The man knows how to flirt via text.

What I already liked about this guy heading into the date was that he's well read and able to communicate and the confidence with which he both asked me out and suggested a place to go (that was convenient for me!)

He's attractive, shaved head, one little tattoo on his wrist, tall (6'4!) and a little more heavy set than I thought he'd be but thankfully he didn't do that shy, kicking the ground with his toe thing that most geeky/nerdy boys do around me.

We walk over to the sushi place he suggested and got a spot at the bar. Now, I really like sushi but I generally never know what I'm eating so I asked him to "surprise me". We ate all kinds of stuff (was all you can eat) and when I mentioned that I didn't like salmon, he ate it himself (in a cute way) to get it out of my way.

We intended to go for a walk after dinner but it was too cold and windy so we ended up going for a drive and talking. He made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I turned him on and that he'd be MORE than willing to perform oral sex. Really, on a first date?

I liked him enough not to be totally turned off by that (see above disclaimer) and we did end up parking on a dark street (we both live with our parents) long enough for some carnal activities to ensue (but no PIV).

I am a little freaked out by how fast I went but he's been pursuing me relentlessly since then. I did make it clear (over text) that I needed way more time on the sexual front which he is accepting (if barely). He still wants to give me head.

Overall date: B+ (being a little generous but I did have an orgasm)


  1. So you actually liked getting the picture of his penis? Because if a guy sends me a photo of his member, to me that's it, he's out. Personally I just think it's really tacky and kind of icky, but that's just me I guess. To each her own? I've never found penises to be all that appealing to look at. Well, until last Saturday...

  2. Um, my reaction to an emailed penis photo would be to vomit so hard my computer broke.

  3. Never mind the penis photo, if somebody texted me at 5:46 in the morning trying to flirt, I would fling my phone at the wall and never talk to them again. You are way more tolerant than me, Eloquent!

  4. To be clear, I'm NOT a huge fan of the penis shot but there must be something about me because I've received so many over the years that I actually have a mini collection.

  5. In case anyone checks in here, he's offered me another free peek at his willie. Sheesh!