Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clover's Date #3 - Striking Dating Gold

Yesterday I had my second date with the very sexy Brown Eyes. It was like winning the dating jackpot or striking gold in the dating mines. We saw a movie that we both enjoyed, followed by drinks and conversation at a bar, and then more conversation and kissing at his place.

It's been...well, I'll just say it's been too long since I've engaged in that much kissing, but apparently I'm not too rusty because Brown Eyes mentioned a couple times that I'm good at it. His style was a little different than I'm used to (used to? Does one get "used to" a kissing style?) but still very enjoyable. And I've had some bad kissing in my day. There was one particular individual who kissed with his lips very flaccid and suction like. It took me a while after that to actually convince myself that kissing can be pleasurable.

I invite you to share your worst kissing experience in the comments.

My usual M.O. is to do a little more than kissing. Ahem. But Brown Eyes wants to take it slowly and I'm happy to go along with that. It means there's more to look forward to...perhaps next weekend?


  1. How exciting! I'm so happy things are going well! Just curious- since things are going well with this guy, do you think you'll keep going with other dates, or concentrate on this one? I just find that if I like someone enough, even if I don't know where it will go, it's too confusing to keep dating other people. Maybe I'm not good at "dating" :)
    I'm thinking about my worst kissing experience and I'll get back with it later!

  2. In the past I've focused on one person but right now I'm really more about going on lots of dates and having fun than "settling down" so to speak. I actually have another date on Wednesday with someone new!

  3. I think my worst kissing experience was the time this guy tried to kiss me good night and I had to duck to avoid him and he STILL managed to get me on the cheek. I went inside and washed my face, immediately. But that is more comic bad than anything. Not sure I have any that are flat out bad-bad.