Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 24: The Dessert Date

I went to San Diego this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. My less than positive experiences with Robert prompted me to communicate more with Peter with positive results for both of us. Someone that I considered consigning to the "friend zone" has definitely been promoted to, well, boyfriend zone.

He asked me whether I would have time to meet him for dessert upon my return and I enthusiastically agreed. We had dinner at PF Chang's and then went to see Legion.

What was mega-awesome was that we snuggled throughout the whole movie (my favorite!!) and he didn't flinch at all when I'd grab onto him during an intense or scary scene. He likes to hug and touch me which I really like. I feel "safe" around him. Unfortunately, he left the following morning for a 4 day trip to Sacramento but did invite me over Thursday night to meet his sons.

Overall score: A

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