Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lala's OkCupid date #1 - What to Wear?

Alrighty. I've been on OkCupid for a little under a month. Within the first day or so, I sent three guys an identical message, the typical I'm new to the area and online dating, just thought I'd say hey kind of thing. Only one guy responded, and he's the lucky guy that gets to meet me tomorrow for lunch! He's the winner, right? That's how I'm going to choose to think of it. He will henceforth be referred to as The Professor.

So, we've been chatting through gmail for the last almost-month and I definitely like him. Because I'm a skeptic though, I can only really consider it a friendship until we meet face to face and see if there's that HOT DAMN LET'S SCREW chemistry that Clover previously referred to.

We're meeting around 11am for lunch at a Mediterranean place. We both enjoy the cuisine, and he wants to make sure there are veg*n options for me. Sweet! Then maybe the Florida Aquarium or something else. So since it's a daytime thing, but the high is only 51 degrees in Tampa tomorrow, I'm going casual and warm. Which sweater option works best here?

Oh deary, still working on figuring out formatting and blogging and html and all that silly stuff. Anyway, your thoughts?


  1. I also like the first option! Maybe together with a colorful scarf or necklace.

    Have fun on your date!

    x, W&P

  2. 1 but with different shoes. The last 2 are fine but the cardigan needs to be buttoned up some so it doesn't look sloppy.

  3. I agree, 1! And a cute pair of flats in case you end up going to the aquarium and want to walk around.