Thursday, January 28, 2010

Datethisbitch #1: Montage

One down, nine to go, right?! I actually really enjoyed this one. I met my date at a bar near me that I like a lot. I got there a little early and had just a couple minutes to drink soda* and hope I would recognize this guy in person, before he came in and recognized ME. Whew. He went right in for the hug while I holding out my hand for a shake, which left us doing that awkward thing where you shake their abs while they hug your elbow. Haha. He's a lot cuter than his photos suggest, which was a nice surprise. And seems very friendly and open. He's getting into art and is totally puppydoggish about it, which was cute as well.

So we are having the why-I-love-SF conversation and he reveals that he is divorced. I was startled for like three seconds, and then I was not, and that is when it occurred to me that I am now in the stage of life where it is no longer weird to be divorced. A couple years ago I would have been like "whoooaaa, that is major;" now, I have quite a few friends who are divorced, we're all thirty-ish, people make mistakes. You know? I did think it was cool he put it right out there, and in a matter of fact way, not like he was revealing some big secret.

Anyway, blah blah, we had fun, and we are making plans to meet up again soon.

1) Gym Guy finally sent me a message; unfortunately, he is useless.
2) A new fella has been added into the mix: "R2." R2 is a book-loving nerd, but seems nice. Slightly balding. We are going to get a drink on Monday.
3) Date #2 is tomorrow night: coffee with R. The original R. The Pink Floyd fan. Uses emoticons like this =D I am just not a fan, people. I will always like dot eyes better than lines. And who goes around smiling like this: =D ? I tend to stay *away* from those people. I smile like this: :) . Not big and showy. However, I am giving him a chance because I know how emotional resonance can get lost in typing.
4) Yesterday I made Work Guy laugh so hard he spit.

Good night, people.

*I have a new self-imposed rule that I only drink ONE drink on a date, as I am a total lightweight and really, even just one will often get me a little loopy.

ETA: Oh, I forgot to say, I named Date #1 "Montage" because he spoke of wanting to make one, in film.


  1. Is Date #1 a 31-year-old Michael?


  2. Haha! Shaking abs and hugging elbows!