Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 26: The Second Attempt Date

On my first date with Robert, I did agree to a second date. I have fulfilled my contract.

Since the first date, I made it very very very clear that I need some space regarding sex. He said ok but he's less than thrilled about it.

We met for dinner and movie (Young Victoria) last night. I'm not sexually attracted to him at all and by the end of the evening even found myself getting bored (never a good sign with me).

I had tried at one point to engage him in a theoretical discussion related to "The Museum at Purgatory" by Nick Bantock. The question boils down to: if there was a museum exhibit that featured both the conscious and unconscious elements of what makes up YOU, what do you think it would contain? (I love this question). He responded with: "I don't believe in Purgatory" and went on to lecture me about the Catholic/Christian origins of the concept of purgatory.

Overall, he grabbed my crotch twice in the movie, repeatedly whispered in my ear about how he wanted to lick me, asked me three times how badly I wanted him, and at the very end of the evening asked me to send him a naughty picture when I got home. Sheesh, give it a rest already!

There will be no more dates with this guy, period.

Overall score: D. I would have had more fun alone.


  1. Ouch! Well, if nothing else, this makes for excellent blog fodder. Too bad you had to be there...

  2. That sounds increadibly uncomfortable! It also sounds like he totally did not understand or listen to what you were asking when you asked him that question. How annoying.

  3. Eew. Sounds like someone after one thing and one thing only. Glad you're done with this one!