Monday, January 4, 2010

Scientific luncheon.

Ok, so I went for lunch with The Scientist on Monday. We were both early and thankfully, he was the only tall chap with his arm in a sling and cast.

I knew from the moment we met that the chemistry wasn't there instantly. I don't have a type, all the men I've dated have been physically very different, but I really really hate a certain type of haircut, which I call the Ian Brown haircut. So, his haircut was a little off putting. But you know, I'm not totally shallow and we all have bad hairdays so it could have been a one off.

Anyway, we had lunch and talked and drank soft drinks for a couple of hours, but the spark (or the Let's Screw vibe as it is also known) still wasn't really sparking. We had quite a bit in common but conversation was a bit stilted on his part. He'd said he was quite shy when he first meets people and I also think he felt a bit awkward because of the arm as well. He said he hadn't been able to wear what he wanted because he can't get his arm into most of his clothes.

He texted me yesterday to ask if I wanted to do something this weekend, but I have plans everyday this weekend so I said I'd let him know. So, I'm going to give him a second date on the basis that he had a lot of pressure on him on the first one and see what happens.

(Confession time. I started the date along early so I have a date from December that I need to write up. In fact two dates with him!)

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