Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lala's okc date #2

Inspired by everyone's forward movement here on the datealong blog, I decided to revise my OkCupid dating profile, and give it another go. I switched some things up, and added that you must be local to the "you should contact me if" part. With my first date, I got caught in the trap of nearly a month of chatting and getting to know each other, only to find there was no chemistry upon meeting each other. Locals = easier and faster meetups = more rapid fire dating, er something. Right?

Anyway, I contacted a few quiver matches and quickmatches, and a few responded back. I really liked everything about a certain guy's profile, but again, he was in Tampa. But he has a FALAFEL SANDWICH TATTOO! I couldn't NOT contact him. And this all happened two nights ago. He responded yesterday afternoon. I said sorry 'bout the short notice, but let's do this tonight. And he was down. I have been meaning to go to Tampa anyway, because my town doesn't have an IMAX theater and, if I was going to see Avatar at all, I was gonna go all out. He was also down with that.

So yesterday afternoon, I drove up to Tampa and met him at Cigar City Brewing because we both have an affinity for craft beer. Normally, the tasting room is only open til 5, but we got lucky because it was opened til 11 for a special tapping last night. My first impression was a good one; he is very good looking, tattooed all over, has a beard, and a gray patch! We had lots to talk about, since ya know, we hadn't actually communicated much at all besides reading each other's profiles. We nearly lost track of time, had to haul-ass to the theater, sat through almost 3 hours of action movie, and then came out of the theater very hungry. So we went looking for falafel, everywhere was closed, and ended up getting some sushi (which was difficult for me, as it was the first time I've done sushi as a vegetarian). We ended the evening with a hug and a discussion about the distance and our busy lives. I'll likely end up in Tampa for whatever kind of schooling I decide on, so we're just going to keep in touch and maybe see each other again.

Not a total fail, but not a win (yet) either!

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  1. It's weird what different people find attractive. I'm mostly anti-beard and not sure how a gray patch could be a good thing!

    But then again I like guys with longish hair and I think chest hair is very sexy so maybe I'm the weird one.